Friday, December 14, 2007

Just a Sin

An ominous night betrays-
Silent pitfall at sleeping back-
Whimper vanishes in darkness…

A blood sodden bed sheet,
Watch with a beating heart,
No substitute though for the fleshy dead;
Swinging cradle,
The only witness;
There remains his wallet
Containing plastic money
Now plastic in bona fide logic;
A grey scaled blonde pie in it,
Now will be of some business
To the truth hunters.

Here come the officers,
Escorted by beastly barkers-
Trained eyes scanning for traces
On clueless white marble;
Sound of deep breathe echoing;
Every mark and dust has immense value,
Why aren’t they interrogating the cradle?
Am turning dull or insane,
For I know it’s lifeless-
None keen to look for the fled howl of pain,
Free photography was in his luck.

Group smile in professionals’ jaws
Discovery of a fetid condom is the cause;
When none cries over spilt milk
Life is good.


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