Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Christmas Invitation

Snowfall summoned by Santa’s bell,
White flakes with the hidden trail;
The passive dark curtain at the back-
Honey has the hour come,
Now can we have some talk?

Chill sketched by the frozen breeze,
Look through your window pane
How my burning sin will freeze;
A naked hearth in the arctic land,
A sore getting nursed by frosty sand.

Manly oath under whitewashed oaks-
Rusted by green eyed season,
Fleshless skeleton’s malice jokes;
Fault was that I authorized my head,
Gift I got was the empty bed.

Hush listen to the silent blizzard-
Count those iced up bits of tear
Hiding in the luxury of December air;
Once loved never earns abhorrence,
Today sense of union lost her resilience.

I can’t live sans my vow,
I still feel the lost inferno-
The empty grandeur of Christmas chill
When careless whisper my heart carols;
Honey, say me once the same you feel.
Say me once the same you feel.
Say me once the same you feel.


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