Wednesday, October 31, 2007


When my specs turn smoggy
With the mist of sweltering tears,
When the mantle of lonesomeness
Grows to be too heavy to bear-
When my tedious compulsions
Flavour like a festering sausage,
When the thought of bondage
Panics even my mirror image-
When the blunt shaving razor
Slides deep into rough cheek,
When my last water bottle
Deceives leaking in a desert trip-
When my boorish supervisor
Threatens for my resignation,
When I satisfy boss’ other half
To safeguard my designation-
When the long dead ancestors
Visit on my mournful recall,
When my interminable voracity
Silently invites my downfall-
When I set for a far away voyage
And lose compass in mid ocean,
When I howl in burning twinge
Having lost the soothing lotion-
When I find my favourite novel
Half munched by creepy-crawlies,
When I miss a golden prospect
By any of my ill-timed follies-
When I fail to trace a cathedral
For confessing overflowing sin,
When I lose a must win contest
Put up with winner rival’s grin-
When I rush to station but miss
The fleeting train by a second’s luck,
When I hear of my friend’s demise
And drop down like a dead duck-


I sail the boat of discontent in my mind’s sea,
The vessel floats aimlessly in search of thee-
Thy music from deep coral beds heals my ears,
Wet breeze encasing your kiss drinks my tears-
Your aroma intoxicates me like illusive morphine
Making me oblivious of all agonizing happenings-
The same fragrance wakes me up when I’m drunk,
While you are my anchor, I won’t ever get sunk-
I glimpse at a green dot like island from my craft,
There waits my pensive Suzan with a red tulip tuft.


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