Wednesday, October 31, 2007


When my specs turn smoggy
With the mist of sweltering tears,
When the mantle of lonesomeness
Grows to be too heavy to bear-
When my tedious compulsions
Flavour like a festering sausage,
When the thought of bondage
Panics even my mirror image-
When the blunt shaving razor
Slides deep into rough cheek,
When my last water bottle
Deceives leaking in a desert trip-
When my boorish supervisor
Threatens for my resignation,
When I satisfy boss’ other half
To safeguard my designation-
When the long dead ancestors
Visit on my mournful recall,
When my interminable voracity
Silently invites my downfall-
When I set for a far away voyage
And lose compass in mid ocean,
When I howl in burning twinge
Having lost the soothing lotion-
When I find my favourite novel
Half munched by creepy-crawlies,
When I miss a golden prospect
By any of my ill-timed follies-
When I fail to trace a cathedral
For confessing overflowing sin,
When I lose a must win contest
Put up with winner rival’s grin-
When I rush to station but miss
The fleeting train by a second’s luck,
When I hear of my friend’s demise
And drop down like a dead duck-


I sail the boat of discontent in my mind’s sea,
The vessel floats aimlessly in search of thee-
Thy music from deep coral beds heals my ears,
Wet breeze encasing your kiss drinks my tears-
Your aroma intoxicates me like illusive morphine
Making me oblivious of all agonizing happenings-
The same fragrance wakes me up when I’m drunk,
While you are my anchor, I won’t ever get sunk-
I glimpse at a green dot like island from my craft,
There waits my pensive Suzan with a red tulip tuft.


Monday, October 1, 2007

Illusive Temptation

The nymph of moon is dancing with the sun;
She is tempting the sapphire ocean,
Luring the high snow-white peak
To commit the sin of neurotic devastation;

She’s tapping her delicate feet and waist
With the eerie melody which
Wind makes while kissing oaks;
The chill of winter breeze is doing the rest.

The poor sea waves are suffering low tide,
Sheer observer of her enigmatic salsa;
They are in touch with warm sand
Exposing their body in mannish pride.

The lunar nymph winks even to the cloud;
The free winter cloud ceases and
Exotic enticement forces it to drop
Those drops it was holding to redistribute.

The sprite gambles her intoxicating eyes
To the planets, comets and stars;
What a sumptuous delusive charm!
She captivates with her feminine disguise.

The hallucinated snow peak obsessively
Touch her seductive navel;
Fancy his glossy cheeks to
Slides down her perfect curves fervently.

The possessive sun gags out his tolerance,
Spites off his radiance to
The unruly longing peak
And the sheet of ice loses its residence.

The nymph vanishes, arousing eroticism
In all masculine power of nature;
Alas, the impeccable amorous earth
Famine and flood dented her clear prism.