Friday, September 7, 2007

Lunatic's Song

The hanging metal bell over your head
The wail you hear, sketches my death;
Swing the bell baby, swing it hard,
Shake the brass body with your fart;
Swing the bell baby, swing it hard-

You’re ashamed to fart before them all,
Hey listen, none bothers for your fall;
Licking dogs smell the bloody thieves,
Never do they hunt for their wives;
Don’t be shy baby, shed your leaves-

Dong-Dong-Dong-Dong- rattles the bell
Your witchcraft suits the stinking hell-
The sore on your lips drives them mad,
The blood inside it has turned a clot;
Prang the bell baby, prang it hard-

Don’t slow down, you cankered bitch
Suck my blood like ever-longing leech;
Suck my vigour till my eyes are shut,
Else you’ll burn in my lustrous thirst;
To shake the bell, baby you’ve to fart-

Moving to cloud nine is such a fun
Only you and I, there’ll be none;
Then you expose your distorted curves
And you can test my masculine nerve;
Hear the wail baby; do catch its verve-

Let me lie once on you unguarded lap,
Fantasies will haunt me in my last nap;
I’ll kick the devil and fuck the witch,
I’ll turn incestuous; sins would get rich-
Alas, my soul is fancying out of this ditch!

- littleWriter


  1. lol i read this line as "swing my ball baby"
    but the original line is"Swing the bell baby, swing it hard"

    Another good one!

  2. Buddy i guess ur comment sud b censored... it's too distracting...

  3. No offence but for that moment I really did read that
    LoL sorry for that

    But indeed ur gifted keep it up

  4. The pics suits the poem Best..gud work

  5. nice talent, really a nice one, but the stuff was like a highly frustrated one

  6. u ought to join a death metal band.. :P

  7. morbid again.. really u sound like a death metal guuy yaar.. kkep rocking:)

  8. you are such a talent...a true lunatic:P

  9. Amazin poem once again...
    the pics are mind blowing

  10. lovely poem...nice use of words...keep it up

  11. an abstract piece of work and so unconventional feel in it..
    Keep them coming..

  12. Great Picture, and you sound like one of those gangsta-rappers, which when I say it is a good thing.

    I have a thing for "farty" words too. Only Iam not much of a writer.

  13. rogroge sexuality.......
    mone holo Penthouse er film dekhchhi.

  14. man ure a real sadist.. btw.. ive tagged u in my blog.. in the tagging post.. check it out.. continue it if u can..
    and whts up dude.. long time.. no post frm u..

  15. Thank you all for being so nice readers! It was my pleasure seeing you all here...


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