Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Tragedy of Errors

Give me a puff of air- I’m badly yearning for it
I need the air of my share you’ve gulped in;
Lungs are half roasted fishes of your tender hand,
Till now desperately alive for your final close in-
Long forsaken in the mist of ghostly souls
What human sense hell do you expect from me?
Sipping my own blood from the vessel below-
This caged piranha is damn glad; do come and see.

No rising sun in my prison to steal my daydreams-
I’m at liberty to have my head in the clouds of captivity
The consequence of ruthless whipping on my bare skin
Will slump you over a frozen earth of zero gravity.
Howl for an Adam there, like a desert cries for rain;
Fortunately there’ll be none to melt at your false tear
And none to drink the peg of your poisonous appeal-
My soul will cherish at witnessing you naked in fear.

My eyes bathe with the memory of an unpublished play:

(Sitting on an archaic wooden chair
In a warm evocative afternoon,
When she was resting on a couch
Only few yards away from me,
In the same veranda facing the
Bougainvillaea shrubs of south-
Sun wasn’t till then so lethargic,
Radiating the crimson golden rays
Those fondling her hanging locks
And igniting my envious self…)

That script was unworthy of staging for a real show…
I burned my fingers for scribing such a manuscript,
Submitted my mind and bulk to your beastly assaults;
No wish I’ve to amend my play, I’m not a soul to drift.
A flock of birds hurrying by in the brown sky above,
A wounded sun dropping down the burgundy horizon
Marking the reign of nocturnal lives and their shadows;
Trickling drops from my vein whispers, “The end, the end”.

- littleWriter


  1. where'd you come up with this stuff :)

  2. i meant that thoosee words, ooh they are hard :)

    and yet this poem seems so full of depression of sort.!

    nice stuff dude.!

  3. baapre.. too much pain..high fundoo writing..not much i cud gather.. and the picture looks scary..
    Write sumtin nice bout suzan.. i wanna see her brighter side of life..
    Btw where do u come up with this type of writing.. too good..

  4. really amazing...
    U can even excel as a writer of novels.

  5. Not a fan of poetry, but thought this was beautiful

  6. nice poem and even better title...keep it up.

  7. well shows the love-hate relationship u have with her.. happens with most heartbroken people. especially guys.. kinda gothic, but interesting work

  8. bhasha hariye felechi... bhebe pore bolbo..
    apatato..asadharon..janina ki kore lekho erokom asambhav it up..:)

  9. come out of the depression my friend
    but nice words

  10. so depressings n yeah..the images r scary :P

  11. Its the cycle of so many different emotions that so true man!!

    These words can come only when one reaches that ultimate level of obsession....who the hell said that love is just about love..its also about hatred and anger...and perhaps even more...

    well written...she is a lucky girl ..must say !

  12. Quite a lot of depressions... Its really a good work.. keep it up

  13. Very wordy and very strongly worded!

  14. Thanks to all. Take care n Plz visit soon... :)

  15. Man U seem to be too frustrated..Do some YOGA n Meditation...


  16. Hahaha... Ashish u r a genius... percentage am not goin to tell though.. :)

  17. sadistic!!intersting but a little too deep for my brain to do you manage to come up with stuff at such a frenetic pace?


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