Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Frustrated Poet

The same chirping morning birds,
The same morning sickness,
The unchanged inauguration everyday-
It bores my soul, repels me whole;
I live in a rusty cage; I sleep on its edge
I don’t know why I dwell in it
When its bars are broken;
Willing captivity is my survival token
I pound my head on its hedge
And nothing new I feel in it-
The same pain and same sprouting blood,
Same cry from my tongue and
I get bored of it… I get bored of it-
I sit at leisure with my pen,
I’ve smaller value than a hatching hen
As I don’t feed your famished belly
I keep scripting my lyrics in vain.

My pen keeps scratching the pages
I make them victim of my crazy usage
White paper turns dirty with my words
Still nothing change my world,
Same rising sun- same singing birds
And I get bored of it, it bores my core,
I roll my frustration on some distant shore-
The same plastic smiles I bear daily,
The same smoky air I inhale and
The same chattering of a group of apes;
I can’t put up with this world so silly,
I feel the madness of a barred rebel
I cry, I weep, I howl, I moan, I groan
As none appreciates my poems
I wish I could reproduce delicious novel;
A novel to feed thousands of folks
Gorged with my lunacy but all dreamy talks!

My blunt teeth tears a brown fibrous bread,
A sense of vomiting fills up my head,
I keep chewing it like a chewing gum
A series of starving faces floats by my eyes
The same boring tear rolls by my cheek and
I get a fruitless yield, it salts my sweet bread
This was emotional case- but realism unread!
Impulsive self provokes me to incise my vein
And conclude this somnolent awake state-
But how can I bear that shameless bare pain;
I was never a gutless in the ocean of sorrow,
I’m waiting for the fire in me to ignite
In this hopeless frozen furrow, so narrow
Yet, I get bored of my impatient mood
I lose my stream of optimist thought
All these seems so vague to me, meanwhile
My pen and paper rolls on some hazy riot...

- littleWriter


  1. u r really a grt poet..d selection of words r wonderful.. u r very succesful in expressing the feelings u r going thru..ur poems shows d state of my u r going thru..but 2 be very honest i find ur poems n ur blog as a whole something that emits negetive rays..rays of sorrow n pain..rays of frustation..may be i m wrong...yes i do agree that its d same sun dat rise evry morning..same birds r chirping everyday..same ppl we many thing r just same each n evry day..but it's not d same day evry day..evry day is a new day..beginning with a new dawn n ending with a new dusk.
    n y 2 feel bad when nobody is reading ur poems?? u write 4 d others or 4 urself..?? .. until n unless u r not writting 4 ur own self, i dont think u r a poet...may b i m wrong..but this is wat i feel n belive.

    tk cr..
    :) :) :)

  2. Thank You Preeti. You are absolutely correct in judging me n my blog. Yes I'm a wet blanket :) What does a new dawn n a new dusk bring? They just highlight the passing away of full 24 hours from our small life... so much things to do in this small life, so 24 hrs mean a lot.. haha.. With due respect for your view "writting 4 ur own self" I'm asking you just one question- if you are just writing for your self satisfaction then why are you blogging it in WWW :) ? I believe, any creative person creates for his own pleasure but the completion of that pleasure is marked by the appreciation(or criticism) of people around him/her. So, that's why I get frustrated when my poems remain unread... Take care n hope to catch you soon.

  3. i do agree dat we need playz a gr8 role in our growth..but what i want 2 say is that dont loose hope when no body is appreciating.. each n evry body is not capabl of xpressing thr feelings..jemon sobai kobita likhte pare na..orokom sobai appreciate/critisize o korte pare.. u love 2 continue to write..aftrall in this busy life..u sud do something 4 urslf also... by d way appreciation is a samall word wen it cums 2 appreciate ur poems..they r just 2 good
    tk cr..
    :) :) :)

  4. gosh..
    hav no words left..
    all taken away by ur was superb..clap..
    u did a gr8 job...

  5. The command with which you express your frustrations in everything is simply brilliant..But with this kind of writing prowess, you can get only a "selective audience" to appreciate you to your hearts content..Please don't get frustrated for that...

  6. Dev, thanks for your very honest comment :) yea i too feel dat i lack that poetic dexterity... wat i do is just expulsion of my negative thoughts/feelings in da form of rhymes... yes, so u hv ful rite to discard dem from da elite class of writing called poetry :) but still i'll carry on as i don hav any alternative way to vomit diz... if derez none to read i'm alwayz dere at da end of da day to linger wid my lines...

  7. Oh no...!!What I tried to mean is completely different friend..I'm no authority on English Poetry myself.. but I kind of saw the frustration of a genius in here..that's what I tried to convey.:)

  8. All these seems so vague to me, meanwhile
    My pen and paper rolls on some hazy riot...

    u spoke the minds of many poets..
    Genius .


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