Saturday, August 11, 2007

Spoiled Fantasy

The silky purple fairy of his childhood day,
With her he has flown in all red and gray;
With her, Robin climbed a snowy peak so high,
She had trained him like a trainer- how to fly;
She had been a caring shadow behind Robin
In his infancy, boyhood & till he stepped teen-
The first dream he indulged in his deepest sleep
Couldn’t be possible without her crimson lips;
The earliest romance that made his heart thrill
Was the effect of her two azure eyes’ spell!

No acquaintance with the world she lived in,
Not aware of the reality of his leprechaun,
Robin painted the pages of his malleable heart;
He was a boy then, till not at an age to flirt-
Jabbed his imaginations with all imagery of
His purple fairy; hard to guess-was it his first Love?
Those early colored days slipped away too fast
Before his kiddy fancies could shape into lust.
Teenage demanded Robin a fairy sparkling in red
Purple elf had vanished, from whom could he beg?

Gazing at a distant rainbow gloomy Robin snuffles,
Obsession of this red elf- his life has been ruffled.
It’s painful to be lured when you crave for a break
This ruby red nymph spoils his sleep by a tweak.
Her emerald eyes speak nothing but of seduction-
Mature Robin is jaded of this physical satisfaction.
To get rid of this corporeal fantasy, he cries like a kid,
But Time was the dramatist- teen Robin was deceived!
His twenty-fifth birthday today, a glow in his face…
Youngster Robin will join him in his midnight rest!

- littleWriter


  1. hmmm.. agn d same thing.. evry word will fail 2 express my feeling..just 2 it up..n bst of lk :)

  2. Thanks Preeti... haha I'm getting flattered :)

  3. thank u for this keep it up


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