Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Real Pollution

Coming from the world of fortune we Welcome You All
Welcome you to our ‘Get what you Want Magic hall’
Come here you people, this jackpot is for you all-
Don’t pass it over, because it is not your soccer ball.
We will be singing our song here with each of you & all,
Men if you don’t join us don’t blame for your future fall.
We’ll also be dancing here taking you guys & girls all,
Ladies don’t miss this chance or you’ll be ever still doll.
We’ll neither leave a chance of playing, calling you all-
Under8teens opting out this choice will make you to bawl.
We will be worshipping our idols here, stick to us you all-
Veterans avoiding us will die before Lord mails their Call.
We are tearing out our throat for calling each & all,
Staying deaf to our call will earn you nothing but big null!

Well Countdown begins, hurry! Grab your ticket from us-
We are giving you it away only at a dollar at last!
That’s not the all, we are giving you a free demo book,
Read there how our golden offers will change your look.
If you wear a slipper, slipper will turn to a leather boot;
If you have a cheap shirt now, get ready for a new suit;
Why wearing hanky around- learn wearing neck ties;
We’ll be gifting you the best attraction for million eyes.
Riding your grandfather’s bicycle doesn’t suit your style,
For you we’ll bring the Mercedes, most cozy and agile.
If your roof is leaking don’t get wet in toppling rain;
We’re allotting you own flats, no monthly paying pain.
We are not businessmen but social servers (most vile),
We want nothing in profit but to see all of you in smile.

But at the end of the day:
(Partners, I’m so happy, it has been a great day for us!
I’ve sketched the balance sheet of today’s eye-wash-
Look, only few hundred dollars more than we expected,
All credit goes to me as this scheme I’d pre negotiated.
And lastly we’ve to thank those thousand fools trapped,
They’ll never get back their money we skillfully grasped!
Tonight we have to leave this island of brainless bugs;
Already I’ve chalked out next plan, file it in yours jug.
This time we would fence in some place of Far East,
Where we’ll be human beast again disguised as socialists.
Friends get ready for the next enterprise I’ve made,
No mistake there must be and we’ll remain untraced.
Let’s cheer tonight for our recent mastermind game
We are all drunk now; don’t have any sense of shame)

Thus a group of muddy sheep paints a bright day into black!
Wake up people, open your eyes-
Let your wits to play;
When mass and mind combines,
Filtering this polluted society won’t be any Herculean task.

- littleWriter


  1. u r a very interesting poet ya..
    i mean ur style is very unique... and am not jus sayin it for the sake of sayin... hehe..

    (ps: u odn hav to comment jus coz i did .. its cool.. cheers)

    keep up the good work..

  2. ki comment debo..???
    hmm..tomar kobita gulor ki comments er dorkar..!!!
    ki kore lekho eto bhalo boloto..???...amake ektu sekhabe..???
    abar eki kotha bolbo...just awesome..
    chobi gulo o tumi nijei toiri koro ..taina..khub sundor..!!!

    (but aro ekta kotha bolbo..eibar lekhar style ta ektu chng koro...let ur blog breath a lil bit of fresh new air..but its not necesry.. u r a poet n u sud write wat u feel lik)..

    tk cr :) :) :)

  3. hey excellent work man love it . gr8 style . 8/10 .

  4. Great u Warrior, I think I need to learn something from you. good work and hey thanx 4 ur commnent in "She is Bichhed"

  5. Amazing, great work there.

    Love ur blog.

    Lots of juice there buddy.

  6. nice piece...interesting topic aswell
    keep it up

  7. awesome poem..are you the heir of Bilbo (of lord of the rings):p lol
    keep posting:) love your works


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