Sunday, August 26, 2007


Gray dirty bat peeping at the steamy glass pane,
The red glow of interior can be seen-
Dogs barking beneath the dark streetlamp,
Bitches tempting the alcoholic owls while
Puppies dream over soft beds so damp-
A drunken man kicks a metal can
Breaking the stillness with a tinkling noise,
Overrides trill horn of the patrolling police van-
The dogs disperse away to some corners
And the bitches drop from owls’ shell so small,
Cunning bat feeling warmth of red
Cleans its skin and returns back to its stall.

The lonely road feels lonely as
Her partner footsteps are escapist,
Giving her false hopes at daylight and
Forsaken in the right period like opportunist;
The forlorn owl hoots in dissatisfaction
Relaxing over a willow branch;
Responsibility of tomorrow knocks him,
Ever-open eyes revert from the trance-
Bitch has cleared her worry for the next day,
Happy seeing her children at rest,
Purifies her fur in warm shower of midnight dew,
She needs a snooze; it has been a day of haste.

The porous moon winks at that window pane
With drowsy eyes a face full of vice,
Red glow of interior is bright as before,
The aliens inside playing with hottest ice-
Alien has no fear of catching cold
As it’s not a man of this soil;
It lives in a dungeon so high and
Walks over wheels without toil;
The dark moon knows the alien and
Likes its dishes,
Curiously stares at the steamy window and
Enjoys the dance of witches-

The wholesome chunk of ice melts in flame;
Meanwhile the bored moon
Has indulged in an earthly game.
Frustrated dog howls before closed saloon-
Barking dogs irritates the holy moon;
A lesson needs to be taught soon
To fill up coming morning’s tabloid book
And get some glory for his nocturnal look.
After all, the moon is a sincere cop;
Has good vision to act as the alien’s prop;
A small number of poor, skinless dogs are trapped;
The dawn is knocking; moon will go for a nap.

- littleWriter


  1. Hmm ....nice one !!!! Quite hilarious at time. Seems you have lots of pain inside you. Nice work keep posting :-)

  2. that's a very nice one.. the fact that u cud write a long one at that is even more commendable.. try and tighten up the rhymes a bit though and it wud b kickass..

  3. hey ..thanks for coming by...
    i kno wat u like.. i mean i can guess frm wat u write :).. and trust me u ll find such posts also.. do keep comin once in a while am sure u ll find somethin interesting once in a while..

    also, do check out .. thts definitley sometin that u ll dig!

    c ya..

  4. wow.. thts really good writing.. wanna knw more bout suzan :)

  5. well im not as good a writer as u are... but im tryin to post more sophisticated stuff... check out my other posts.. too .. check out passionate night u mite like tht...

    Tht was actually a letter sent by me to my best friend...

  6. you like write shady stuff, don't you?
    i'm into some as well!

  7. you seem to be good at writing long poems or whatever it is...and what you have is a rare talent..enjoyed reading your blog..and will continue to do so..keep posting!

  8. very good use of words...
    keep the good work up...

  9. Hi! Thank You. I thought I was great and I was getting better but now I know where I stand and how far I still have to reach even before calling myself a poet.

    Wow! I am speechless and now that I just read what I wrote for you I`m surprised that I can still write sense and my fingers are working, while my mind is numb.

  10. kore lekho boloto !!!

  11. Thanks to all the readers/bloggers...

  12. I THink u have a habit of telling stories through these poems. right! i loved this one absolutely. keep up ur work because u know that there is not many gifted guy arround like you

  13. I THink u have a habit of telling stories through these poems. right! i loved this one absolutely. keep up ur work because u know that there is not many gifted guy arround like you

  14. gr8 job man !! i wsh i cud get close to wht u hav wrtn !!! [:)]


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