Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Reminiscence on a February Night

Thousands of inspiration to choose out from but, I don’t know why my mind is so vacant
When I’m sitting with my pen tonight, under the starry sky of 13th of second month!
I keep turning back the filled pages of my diary, must be expecting a creamed theme;
Filling old wine in new bottle though I barely favor, presently is the only gleam-
I strive hard to press my lyrical mind on the blackness or solitude of the setting,
But my eyes get set to an older page, I wrote a rhyme on black night approaching;
No solace there in repeating that same subject scripted by hundreds even before me-
Sitting stationary with my pen is a pain, I feel like a thirsty aged man living by the sea!
Now it seems, I have to get back to a very outdated idea of composing verse of ‘Love’
Those same fantasies of valiant prince and gorgeous maidens, for me not thing so tough-
I pinch myself with some obnoxious memoirs, sacrificing my present mental comfort-
Transposition of mind had never been so bitter; I stepped into a frame of lost rapport-

Some warm dim light have filled up the mind
I express my soul like a child with no bind!
I enjoy the arrow shot by that stupid cupid at me-
Desperately looking around for my own “she”;
Prior to it I’ve to recognize the timeline I’m at-
Else my passion wouldn’t be strong enough
To suit this present context of my love story;
Though not sure if it’s my recap or poetic hurry;
Did I craft an atmosphere of soothing moonlight
And a garden beside with scented flowers so bright?
Are those stars more glittering, moon more shimmering
Are they spoiling the backdrop I’m craving?

My self –created lover boy waits by a red rose shrub
Weaving those seven colored dreams for his lady love;
Black clouds above in the meantime keep passing by
What an apt stage for a fanatic like me, I won’t lie!
Everything is going fine, yes, the boy has picked up a rose
Having hurt his tender finger letting few red drops to ooze-
This’ the best way he could show his emotions for her
“A glimpse of my Suzan; wow she’s looking like a star!
Suzan is one in a billion, sharpest of diamonds ever seen,
She lives in a far isle, where, in my dream I’ve never been;
I perceive her by that hallucinating aroma she consumes
Against those blue eyed obsession, I’d never been so firm-”

Till now the poet in me has been isolated at some…so called ‘a world of practical’
To shield his rational heart from an erotic virus called ‘love’, cause of million ordeal;
I wasn’t aware of those cozy visions, warm hugs, stony promises and sensuous kisses
Until my shackled heart, thirsty lips has got the sense of that lost voluptuous opulence!
No boundary remains now between the soul of that love-sick boy and its playwright,
I’m turning crazy for Suzan at this moment, I want her in this pre-Valentine night-
An old movie starts playing involuntarily behind my eyes reeling those faded romance:
Suzan is walking down the Oleander Street embraced delicately in my possessive arms
Halts at a sudden before a florist’s stall; amidst hundreds petals, picks out a ruby rose
Silence followed us for seconds till Suzan came closer and her cheeks touched my nose;
Union of two flaring hearts; I whispered “Oh Suzan, my Love, Happy Valentine’s Day”!

Then? …Twilight dew spoiled my delusion before those same words Suzan could say...

- littleWriter


  1. ei poem ta amar khub ..khub..khub bhalo legeche ... its just wonderful..written in a different yet very realistic n beautiful manner. ..ei poem ta amar mon chuye geche..amar konoek apcha harano bedona jeno abar chokh mele takiyeche

  2. "Purano sei diner kotha seki bhola jay re" ... Ei kobita ta amaro khub hridoyer kacher... ekta khub nijosso onubhuti...

  3. hey u write so well..
    i m al shocked n impressed..
    but i think u shd use little less words coz more words sumtyms make d reader feel monotonous...but ya thats just my hard feelings.. but then i really liked it as well...
    n ya thnx fr redaing n suggesting me on my poems.. i'll surely take care nxt tym...

  4. Thanks for your comment Shreya but did I use excessive words in this poem? I thought it to be a bit flat rather in terms of word usage...


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