Saturday, August 18, 2007

His Sleeping Lady

The old man living down the valley

Lives in a timber hut-

He lives with his old spouse;

Love linking them has faded really.

He goes out in the early sunshine

With his flock of sheep

And the woman expects

To gather fruits from nearest vine.

The man rest his body on a boulder,

Loosening his bind over

His sheep to let them graze;

Solitude cloaks his frail shoulder.

He sings in his Soul:

“Let my mind flow

Let my mind fly

Let it unbind the irons

Let it soar high,

Let it soar high.

Look, the butterfly

It’s hurrying by

Look the colours

Its wings holding thy

Look, it’s flying by!”

The time passes by ending the day;

The sky has lost its glow,

The shepherd is old once again

Losing his euphoric halo.

Old man stepping down groove

With his home-sick battalion,

Tiny light from his distant hut

Perhaps, his only existence proof-

The door of his cottage is wide open!

Old Sam curses his careless lady,

But no slang does he get in return!

Is she sleeping? There lies her body…

- littleWriter


  1. jokhoni amar bhalo kichu porte iccha kore..i think of ur blog..n blv me.. ur blog never dissapoints me!!!... ei kobita ta just wonderful..sotti e amar mon chuye geche... n best part holo je u hv used simple words in this poem..everthing is simple hr..simpl theme..simpl relationship..simple words...n thats whr u actualy win...khub khub khub bhalolegeche kobita ta.. 2 simple but truly beautiful...

    :) :) :)

  2. Preeti,Khub bhalo laglo tomar bhalo legeche sune...anuprerona pelam bes.. :)

  3. really nice ending....u had a lot to teach me in this how to reach a nice end of a poem...

  4. hi,
    loved thios one. entire poem is beauty..----
    The time passes by ending the day;
    The sky has lost its glow,
    The shepherd is old once again
    Losing his euphoric halo.----
    the blog theme,the template is a mearvel dude...
    thanks gfor coments...
    Honoured I am.
    Keep rocking...
    and writing such oeuvres..

  5. hey.. loved it! got a gr8 meaning behind it... nice work.

  6. tomara ki amake bolbe tomra ki khao, i cant rhyme dove with love :(

  7. That's deep stuff,

    Keep it up man


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