Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hateful Peace

The creaky feeble noise of the old windmill,
Immiscible with the darkness of the site-
Black baleful sky above dissolving its blades
Enticing it for an indisposed survival fight.
The odour of decayed departed souls
Blended in the core of this sluggish breeze-
Only the evil spirited serpent creepers
Deceitfully embracing the fatherly trees.
A sudden gust of bizarre poignant wind
Passes kissing the numb burial place-
Acts of wantonness inside get amplified,
Tombstone frowning at coffins’ disgrace.
Soft Moon subdued by a sinister cloud,
Murky leaves running out of shadow-
Subterranean cracks on coarse sterile soil
Veiled in vain by nagging roots below.
An infinite space filled by mysterious air
How passionate the room seems to be-
Chocolate scope of immoral love making,
And pain of separation none can foresee.
Is it the ethereal empire of evil spirits,
Sketching scarlet plot for a death match-
Embryonic human race is at high stake,
Gladiators are however to be hatched.
Blazing smell from some far away land
Bothers the sleeping flora in the black-
A hooting queen feathers away the whiff,
None ready to lose the ongoing blackjack.
Witchcraft soaked in malodorous blood,
Preaching communalism in bare breast-
Poisoning the tonic like drinking liquor
Magnifying the deaf leopard’s unrest.
Sulphurous essence of the prevailing peace
Murmuring the truth of an odd serenity-
Motionlessness must not be conked out,
Or it’ll tarnish Emperor Saturn’s vanity.
But monsoon time coincides with winter,
Frost of blood raining down the night-
Muggy darkness sinking down the hell,
Eternal sand-clock desperate for daylight.
Lord of Justice descends down from heaven,
Be aware that the Judgement Day has come-
Hey cast your gothic spell of stillness now,
Tussle hard to save your tottering kingdom.
The wheel of time has completed a rotation,
Rejoice at the sight of our blood bathed sun-
Repent for your slavish schizophrenia and
Vow for accomplishing the priorities undone.

- littleWriter


  1. another gr8 composition.. no dout u hv n amazing vocabulary ... but plz use a lil less words in some of ur poems...some time i get lost in d beautiful words n d actual meaning seems 2 far away... hmm..wat i feel is dat all ur poems r running on same track... i wnt some variety in ur poems...
    but all 2gethr..its a nice poem :)

  2. wow. dat was deeeeeeeeep. You're a good linguist. Nicely written

  3. @ Preetilata: thankx, OK, next time I'll try to keep in mind what you said... But what you said about variation, I donno how far I can portray that... I think I told u before what type of mindset I have, so naturally that is painted in all my writings... still I'll try...

    @ Hems: thankx buddy

  4. man.. lotta pain in ur posts.. really good..

  5. Great words, u got some talent man!

    Keep up the great work.


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