Wednesday, August 15, 2007

After 15th August, 1947

Centuries of captivity in the dungeon of Dracula-
No messiah interferes in my daily slaughter of
Semi extinguished skeleton of perception;
Rich blood of hopefulness drains out in vain;
Flabbergasted at own vastness of resources,
I chuckle at my self tolerance in exasperation.

Starving tongue praises the taste of own blood-
Mine is no “odd stomach out” as I follow;
Weaving a fictitious autocratic state in mind,
Learning the art of being content at the cost of
Self respect and pride which seems minor…
Surrendering brazenly for a gory ethnic grind.

Sack carrying mule has been my idol till now-
While I’ve mastered: dumbness in acute pain,
Plundering of my own and neighbours’ treasures,
Dusting down replicas of our ancestors’ dreams,
Brushing the crops till corn turns blue from green.
But obedience prizes my skin with sharpest razors!

Temptation of autonomy sets fire to my frozen eyes-
Feeling humiliated of own nakedness looks proper;
Cat snoozing under chair is profiting my hatreds,
Imitation of donkey is no more my commitment,
The hot air enveloping me is healing my paralysis,
Modesty sucked a lot, let me see what mettle begets.

Here starts the clashing of swords built of my bone-
I’m a comprehensive fighter with ocean of passion,
Splattering of blood here is my religious conviction;
Infatuated with the newly developed extremism
My boisterous steel blade slices this and that,
Till the vanishing of evil Dracula calms my notion.

Only hovering vultures and remnants I’ve achieved-
White veins and barren lands dumped as my award!
Shrewd vampires peeping through martyrs’ cemeteries;
I can’t hold back my tears of shame and futility…
Celestial voice mocks from far away distant cosmos:
“Wingless Eagle, sense your Freedom, it’s time to fly!”

- littleWriter


  1. Helloz...maybe sum encouraging words may have helped on I-day...u write superbly....good use of words...and happy belated I day too!

  2. m searching 4 words to appreciate ur poem..just awesome

  3. Thankx Shanky & Preeti :) Take care buddies n see you soon.

  4. superb, your feelings and words are awesome.

  5. True and very well written.
    Cheers for your brilliant work..

  6. Nice composition of words; but what relation with 15th Aug? nyway totally antel; not for common people!

  7. Thanks to all of you for goin through the poem!

    @Sundar: being an Indian, I took 15th aug to represt a day wen a captive nation gets deir freedom aftr a hard fight... dis poem is not just India's independence but it suits da struggle for freedom of any nation under bondage. I don't think, this poem to contain any word that is out of reach of common people. But still if you feel so then either it's my failure as a writer or your incapability to comprehend as a reader :) Anyway cheers...


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